Important changes to our working agreements

Please note that due to the government ‘Track and Trace’ programme there is a potential change to our confidentiality agreement. If I get the call – I would have to disclose anyone I have been with for more than 15 minutes and give name and contact details. I would not have to say why you were with me. As a result, you might have to self-isolate for 14 days. 

If you have any health conditions which mean you are more at risk to Covid-19 it might be better for us to continue working online/phone for the time being.

I do not expect clients to wear a face mask during counselling although if you prefer to, you are welcome to use a visor as this allows for your expressions to be visible.


Covid-19 Approach

Having transferred my work with clients online and by telephone during the lockdown period, I am now beginning to see some clients in person.

I am committed to offering a safe space for clients and for each appointment to feel as relaxed as possible by following Covid-19 precautions. 

For clients who are unable to attend in person due to reasons including their preference, location, current health, or not yet feeling ready, I will be continuing to offer online and telephone counselling.

Our mutual agreement

We will inform each other by email/text if either of us develops symptoms of Covid-19 or if we have been in recent contact with anyone with Covid-19. We will agree to socially distance whilst in the same environment. If you would prefer me to wear a visor during our session together, or in the hallway, then please feel free to request this in advance.

What I will do to make the counselling environment as safe as possible, re. Covid-19:

  • The room surfaces clients are likely to be in contact with will be cleaned with an appropriate product between sessions

  • The client chair will be covered with a sheet which will be changed before the arrival of each client

  • Any cups/glass/teapot/tray that is used will be hygienically cleaned with hot water and washing up liquid between clients. If you prefer to bring your own water instead then please do

  • Each client will have an individual packet of tissues available for their use only, which I will mark with their initials

  • The toilet and bathroom sink will be cleaned with an antiviral cleaner between clients and there will be disposable wipes for clients to use on the handle/ taps, etc if they wish to. The bathroom will have a roll of paper for drying hands, rather than a towel

  • We will both agree to walk/stand 1- 2 metres apart in the hallway. I will step back and onto the stairs on greeting you, in order to give you more space to enter

  • Although this is not part of my standard practice - if it would make a difference for you it’s fine to wear a mask at the door. I am happy for you to ask me to wear a mask or visor on greeting you at the door, and for you to ask me (in advance) to wear one.

  • We agree in advance that if either of us needs more distance (as it’s easy to inadvertently move closer) that it's Ok to ask

What I request that you agree to do:

  • Please use the hand sanitiser on entering the house

  • When I open the front door for you, I will stand on the stairs so that you are able to go to the counselling room and make yourself comfortable in your chair near the window

  • I will open and close the living room door myself so there is no need for you to do that

  • We will maintain social distancing

  • If you need to visit the bathroom please use a disposable Dettol wipe to wipe the surfaces you touch and dispose of it in the bin provided

  • Please use the liquid soap and disposable blue paper towels; there are bins in the toilet and bathroom.

  • If there is anything else that will help you feel more at ease, please let me know. I won’t feel offended at suggestions to improve your experience within the session.