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Would counselling be helpful for me?

Counselling offers you time away from your everyday life where you will be able to explore your feelings and your patterns of relating to yourself and others. By reflecting on your life experiences, both past and present, and their impact on your self-perception you can begin to move forward and embrace a life that has more meaning for you. As we develop a deeper, kinder connection to ourselves we tend to find our relationships with others become more honest and rewarding.

How much do your sessions cost?

See Fees & Appointments page 

What should I expect in the first meeting?

During our introductory meeting, there will be an opportunity to share how you are at this time and what you hope to get from counselling. You may have a clear idea of something specific you'd like to work with, or it may be something currently more difficult to pin down; a feeling of unease or dissatisfaction with your life or a spiritual crisis, which you would like to explore. We will also go through my counselling agreement together, to clarify any aspects you may be interested in.

Please note that there is no obligation if you decide you do not wish to go ahead.

If you decide that you would like to make a commitment for us to do counselling work together we will make an appointment, usually for the following week, and I will give you a 'counselling agreement' to take away with you to read before meeting again. 

What's right for me: short term or long term?

I can offer both brief short-term and long-term open-ended counselling to individual adults of all ages and backgrounds and I am committed to working in a non-discriminatory way, honouring diversity. I generally suggest that we try to work together for 6 weeks, then review how things are going for you, however, it is always up to you whether we continue.


I am based approximately 10 -15 minutes walking distance from the centre of Glastonbury. There are regular bus services into Glastonbury Town Centre, with the 29 and 668 (Note: these are limited) stopping within a minutes walking distance from the location if you feel unable to walk up from town.







Access is good, however, for anyone with mobility limitations there are 2 small steps on the path leading up to my front door which might need to be taken into consideration. The toilet is on the first floor of the house, with the counselling room being situated on the ground floor. 

When can I see you?

I am currently available for sessions on Monday to Wednesday, from 9 am until 6 pm. Please contact me for current availabilities.

Where do sessions take place?
I work in a comfortable, private space within my home in Glastonbury. 

Free parking is available on the road nearby.

I also offer sessions online, via videocall and over the phone.

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