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 I work in an Integrative way, taking into account your emotional, mental, and physical needs rather than seeing one aspect as more important than the other. I see my clients as unique individuals and so I use a variety of therapeutic methods to meet each client's needs. We will work with what feels relevant and helpful to you.


“It is the client who knows what hurts, what directions to go, what problems are crucial, what experiences have been deeply buried” – Carl Rogers

A person-centred approach is at the heart of my practice. By establishing a warm and empathic therapeutic relationship, clients begin to feel secure enough to work on what matters to them with greater self-awareness.

Once support, acceptance, and empathy are available to us, most of us regain our inner clarity and a new perspective on how we want to move forward. We can begin to trust ourselves to make healthy life choices.


This approach focuses on the individual as a whole. It encourages people to think about their feelings and take responsibility for their thoughts and actions. The emphasis is on self-development and achieving your highest potential.



There is always the opportunity for clients to explore through therapeutic art expression if they decide this might be helpful for them. This might be through using visual art materials, creative writing, or some other aspect of your personal creative language that you want to bring to the session. This is done in an atmosphere of acceptance and allowance, where nothing you create or do will be analysed or critiqued by myself. Sometimes it can be difficult to articulate how we are feeling, especially when we are trying to express feelings surrounding trauma and its impact on us. Therapeutic art-making can help us to explore and begin the process of healing the wounds which our life experiences have caused.


I trained in Sand Tray therapy with Kenneth Rabone (also known as Sandplay). It is one of the creative approaches that I offer clients who are drawn to a more symbolic approach to working with their therapeutic process. 

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