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I trained in a Humanistic and  Integrative approach to Sand Tray therapy with Kenneth Rabone (also known as Sandplay). It is one of the creative approaches that I offer clients who are drawn to a more symbolic approach to working with their therapeutic process.

During a Sand Tray session, miniature figures, objects and symbols are used to create movable scenes in a large box of sand. By using visual objects for self-expression, the client’s unconscious feelings and attitudes become conscious and are reflected within the safe boundaries of the Sand tray onto the characters or objects they choose to use. Whatever needs to be worked on in the present moment by the client is projected onto the chosen figures and Sandtray world that they have created.

Many clients find this approach to be calming and meditative; for others, it can feel cathartic and dynamic. The insights gained can be surprising, enlightening and healing; the process can shed light on a life situation or internal conflict which can then be actively worked with during counselling sessions. Sometimes this approach may involve only a few words, or, be silent, which can enable to client to work more intuitively and actively with their imagination.

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